The Ghost of Henry Schnieber Book Launch

A Novella by Angela L. Garratt

An intriguing tale of greed, suspense, love and the paranormal.

The Ghost of Henry Schnieber Book Launch - Angela giving book to library

When Jecepi is killed by the infamous Henry Schnieber and his henchmen for not paying protection money, the town’s people of Greeley decide enough is enough and devise a plan so shocking that it leaves a scar on time itself.

People are being killed in a mysterious way, as seen as there is no rational explanation to their deaths; they are put down to war crimes.

The mysterious deaths have returned and victims are turning up burned beyond recognition. The press are calling it Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC). So, DCI Mason puts DI Simon Jackson and DI Collette Taylor on the case. They discover a truth so much more disturbing and much, much more dangerous.


The Ghost of Henry Schnieber Book Launch- Angela signing books

The Ghost of Henry Schnieber was written by Author/poet Angela L. Garratt. She is the former editor of the Walsall Poetry Society and has been published in many different places including the Black Country Bugle and the National Poetry Magazine Star Tips for Writers. The Ghost of Henry Schnieber is a 74 page novella and Angela’s second book. The first, Innocent Spirits is a full length novel also based on the paranormal.

Angela say’s “The Ghost of Henry Schnieber was a pleasure to write, it is a dark story with a sting in its tail and will be enjoyed by anyone who has a love for the darker side of literature.” She continues, “I have more stories in the pipeline and I am planning on publishing my next book in Spring 2016, it is called The Desk and it is another dark novella.”

The Book Launch

The Ghost of Henry Schnieber Book Launch - Performances by Niven Smith

Angela held a ‘sold out’ launch for The Ghost of Henry Schnieber at Oldbury Library on the 14th November 2015. It started at 10.30 am and continued until 1.00pm. Supporting the event was the Oldbury Writing Group, a group in which Angela started back in August 2014. There were performances by Ian Henery, former poet laureate of Walsall and Black Country Bugle Ambassador; the music of Niven Smith, Allen Taylor, Peter Hackett, Martin Hubbard and Dave Coughlin who played with Niven at the opening and closing of the event. Refreshments were sold and all proceeds went to the Friends Group which funds activities for children within Oldbury library.

The Ghost of Henry Schnieber is now available to buy now on Amazon and all online book retail outlets for the low price of £3.90 exc. P&P.

Paperback ISBN: 9781518680366


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