The Lady Pool

By Angela L. Garratt

(Inspired by Dante’s Inferno)
Book One of the Divine Comedy.

The Lady Pool, published in the Black Country Bugle last year. Also a song produced Com-postioned and Sang by Niven Smith (Chorus written by Tony Smith) and is set to go on a charity compilation CD by Black Country Radio FM put together by Dr Bryan Dakin, otherwise known as Billy Spakeman.

The Lady Pool - by Angela L. Garratt

Lights of stars cover the lake,
The moon sits on its reflective water.
A lady beckons for old time sake,
The moon shines right through her.

Her delicate frame is still in the wind,
Glides on the water’s edge.
Her invitation one can’t rescind
For with just one glance she has your pledge.

You’ll follow her to the murky side,
She’ll point her finger through the eerie air,
Showing you just where she died,
Sucked into the old mines lair.

On the water her spirit roams,
Trying to tell what happened to her
And underneath lies her bones,
The eternal prison that trapped her.

©Angela L. Garratt

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