O.W.G. Meets Author Angela Marsons

Post by Jackie Adams

Angela Marsons and O.W.G. members
Nicole, Jackie, Andy, Angela Marsons, Percy

What was the secret behind author Angela Marsons’s success? O.W.G. members were keen to find out when we went to meet Angela at Cradley Heath library on 5th February 2016.

Our journey was a story in itself. We were heading to Upper High Street when we noticed a road sign which read, ‘Welcome to Quarry Bank’. Oh no! We were heading in the wrong direction and stuck in a traffic jam. I got out of the car, risking an accident, to ask for directions.

A man painting a shop extension said, “Shop, shop.”

In the shop, the shopkeeper pointed and said, “Library, down the hill.”

Cradley Heath Library

So I rushed outside, but I started to panic when I couldn’t see the car. I started sweating, recalling the day in London when I couldn’t find my friend’s car. However, a wave from my O.W.G. friends allayed my fears.

We were off with five minutes to spare. We had actually passed the beautiful traditional brick library on our way towards Quarry Bank.

O.W.G. members
Jackie, Andy, Percy

Once in the library, we settled down and enjoyed the refreshing tea and coffee with some delicious cakes.

Angela Marsons sat with us, eating her cake. She is down-to-earth, Black Country born and charming.

Angela told O.W.G. and the Blackheath library writing group (we all sat together) how the Black Country inspires her writing.

Black Country locations included in books

Angela’s first novel, Silent Screams, and her other novels, Evil Games and Lost Girls feature the central character Detective Inspector Kim Stone. However, her success – a million copies of her novel sold since September 2015 – wasn’t easy: she had to deal with twenty-five years of rejection from publishers.

Angela Marsons's Books

We left the library intent on following Angela’s example – never give up, and write to succeed.

Angela Marsons is following in the footsteps of great Black Country authors, Jerome K Jerome, who wrote Three Men in a Boat, and Francis Brett Young, who wrote My Brother Jonathan. Both of their novels were filmed, so could there be a Detective Inspector Kim Stone film? Readers in the Black Country and across the world anticipate and raise a toast to Angela Marsons.

You can find out more about Angela Marsons via her website http://angelamarsons-books.com/


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