Our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Book Festival

By Percy Eamus

Ian Henery well crafted, well presented poetry reading that started the proceedings had the bonus of being both apt and informative – an education disguised as a pleasure.

Angie then described the event, presenting well as usual.

The children’s art and craft area was well supported and used.

Madeline Williams modified her presentation to suit the audience very professionally and proved that poetry is poetry the adults enjoying the children’s poetry as much as the adult work. She has a very observational style as demonstrated in all of her work that she read.

In the pin the grin on the Cheshire cat, Shila was very accurate.

Local author Guy Mcelveny read from his recent publication The Stranger at The Window. Highly illustrative of young man’s experience in wartime Smethwick, a highly polished work.

Nicole Simms read some drabbles (no, not drivel) she has recently written, her own take on horror fantasy.

Jackie Adams read out some of her own inimitable highly conversational work.

Yours truly read out some of (this time it really was) my drivel. In my defence, I must say that when I write drivel, it is authentic drivel, nothing fake about me.

The mad hat competition was exceptionally difficult to judge, all in their own way were talented and worthy in the best meaning of the term.

Angie read a couple of her poems… hey hoe.

All in all a happy fun event enjoyed by all who attended and all who took part, especially for those children fortunate enough to be there.



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