Oldbury Writing Group Trip – Black Country Tales: poetry reading by Elinor Cole

By Dave Edwards

On Saturday 28th May, the Oldbury Writing Group attended a poetry reading at Dudley library, which was given by Elinor Cole, a local Black Country poet.

Finding the event was not easy, and several attempts to find a parking space resulted in much frustration. Eventually, we found a convenient spot and made our way while exchanging jovial banter, peppered with the odd ribald comment.

We walked into Dudley’s large and architecturally impressive library and ascended the stairs to the reading room, where the audience had already gathered. The people sat three deep in a semi-circle, to hear Elinor recite a number of ‘Black Country Dialect’ poems from her collection. These were received favourably by the listeners, who were then invited to participate in a question and answer session with the author. She answered the questions with intelligence and good humour, whilst seated at a table which was draped with the eye-catching red, white, and black of the Black Country flag.

We helped ourselves to the excellent refreshments (tea and coffee), and after being photographed with Elinor, we left the building and walked the short distance to the adjacent Dudley Museum and Art Gallery, where we spent the remainder of the afternoon viewing the various exhibits. We then departed deepest Dudley in a contented mood.

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