Writing Assignment – 25th June 2016

Weekly Assignment - 25th June 2016

Assignment: When you leave the library (or any building), write a story about the first person you see.

Comment with your stories below.


3 thoughts on “Writing Assignment – 25th June 2016

  1. One of the advantages of being an (ex) model was that she was usually taller than everyone else, so she’d quickly spotted the exit sign. She forged her way through the crowd towards it.
    It was a silly idea to come on the opening day. Department stores were busy at the best of times but a brand new one, with special offers and discounts was bound to attract huge queues on its first day. She’d thought it would be an opportunity to buy some new make-up and gain some fashion inspiration but it had been noisy, crowded and the vacuous store girls were unhelpful.
    The well-groomed woman in front of her turned around and crinkled her noise, as if there was a bad smell nearby. Come to think of it, there was a nasty whiff in the air that could not be masked by the posh perfume samples. Even more reason to get out of this place.
    A pair of shiny, designer shoes leapt back as she narrowly missed them. “Watch where you’re bloudy going!” a man called. She ignored him and carried on towards the direction of the doors.
    As she approached the large doors, she noticed a podgy young woman coming in. She had a tired look about her, lived in. Her complexion was sallow and there were bags under her eyes. Her face was set in a determined expression causing deep wrinkles across her brow.
    The young woman was gripping onto a pushchair and using this to barge her way towards the store. The baby was grizzling and as the two women neared each other, the smell of a dirty nappy permeated the air.
    The large automatic doors were glass with the store’s logo emblazoned in the centre. Just before they opened to let her out, she offered the young woman a sympathetic smile but all she saw was her reflection…….

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  2. What a brilliant story. So true to life as well. It made me think of the many stores I have visited in the past and have doubled backed with a U-turn, bumping into the odd person and wanting to get away from crying babies. That kind of environment makes people miserable and cranky and I think you have portrayed the feelings of your character very well in your story. It was well written, using the senses to push the story forward and allowing room to show us her experience rather than telling us. Well done, I enjoyed it very much.

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