Nicole J. Simms: Why I Joined Oldbury Writing Group

Nicole J. Simms: Why I Joined Oldbury Writing Group

  1. When did you start writing?
  2. I used to write poetry and plays when I was younger, but even though I continued to write poetry, I gave up on the dream of becoming a writer. Then in 2012 I did a free OpenLearn writing course, and I’ve been writing stories ever since – this time I don’t plan to ever give up my dream.

  3. What do you write?
  4. I write short stories, flash fictions, and poems. I’m working on my novel. And I’ve started to look into playwriting again. I still have the dream of seeing my work performed on stage.

    As well as writing fiction, I write articles and blog posts. I have a column on the Horror Tree website called Setting Self Doubt on Fire. When I started writing, I was crippled by self-doubt, so I decided to share my experiences with other writers in the hopes that I can help them (and me). I also write writing-tip articles for a magazine called Writing Times Magazine. And I like to share my writing journey on my website.

  5. How long have you been a member of Oldbury Writing Group?
  6. Since the first meeting, which was on the 22nd August 2014. I’m a founding member.

  7. Why did you decide to join a writing group?
  8. Writing is great, but it can be hard to deal with the constant rejections. And even though I had support from others, only a writer can truly understand how a writer feels, especially when it comes to dealing with knock-backs. I wanted to be able to be around people who understood what I was dealing with. I also wanted to talk to and learn from other writers. You can do this online (I have spoken to many writers online), but nothing beats meeting in person and having a chat.

  9. How did you hear about the Oldbury Writing Group?
  10. I saw a post on Sandwell Libraries’ Facebook page about the writing group. It felt like fate.

  11. Have you joined a writing group before? If yes, then which one?
  12. No, but I was keen to join one.

  13. What do you enjoy about being a member of Oldbury Writing Group?
  14. I love our weekly meetings because you never know what to expect. We have such interesting discussions that you always end up learning something new. Not only do we talk about writing, but we also talk about the world around us. During our last session, we had a discussion about religion and evolution.

    I also love our writing group trips. We’ve been to the PowWow Festival of Writing twice, we’ve visited local historical houses, gone to the theatre, and we’ve celebrated VE Day at the Museum of Cannock Chase, plus so much more.

    I’ve also enjoyed the events that we organise. I just love everything about being a part of the Oldbury Writing Group.

  15. How have you benefitted from being a member of Oldbury Writing Group?
  16. I have benefitted a lot from being a member of the Oldbury Writing Group. The first thing is my confidence. Not only have I read out my stories to the group, but I’ve also read out my stories to an audience during one of our events (Our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party). Without the group’s support and encouragement, I don’t think I would have been able to ever read my work out to an audience.

    I’ve also had a story that I wrote for one of our weekly assignments published (You Shall Be Mine). It wasn’t until I read my story out to the group that I realised how good it was, and due to the encouragement of the group I decided to work on the story.

  17. Has joining Oldbury Writing Group changed your writing life?
  18. Yes, it has. I’ve started writing poetry again, and I’m going back to playwriting. Also, thanks to the information Angie brings to the group, I’ve learned even more about writing than I did before. For example, when I used to write poetry, I used to make sure that it always rhymed, but since joining the group, I have tried writing poetry that doesn’t rhyme.

  19. Would you recommend Oldbury Writing Group to anyone, and why?
  20. Yes, I would recommend Oldbury Writing Group to any writer who is looking for a supportive group of people. We don’t tear each other’s work apart. Instead, we help to motivate, inspire, and encourage people to take that step to reach their goal. We celebrate when one succeeds, and comfort when one doesn’t. Oldbury Writing Group is the kind of group that I hoped to find, and I feel blessed to be a member of this amazing group. Not only have I been able to meet other writers, but I’ve also found new friends, which is something I never expected. I made the right decision when I decided to join this group.

    I’m proud of how far the group has come, and I can’t wait to see what we do next.


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