Writing Assignment – 23rd July 2016

Writing Assignment – 23rd July 2016

Assignment: Write an 8-lined stanza. The subject is anything you like; however, you will need to add an exclamation mark, a dark evening, and an animal into the poem.

Comment with your answers below.


One thought on “Writing Assignment – 23rd July 2016

  1. Elusive Sleep

    The night creeps in slowly, the hours tick by
    I stare at the ceiling wondering why
    I’m wide awake yet so tired I could cry.
    If I don’t fall asleep soon, surely I’ll die!
    I’m not a night owl, I’m more of a lark
    Yet for two months I’ve perked up as soon as it’s dark
    I’m tired and it really is leaving its mark
    I nitpick my husband, the kids say I bark.

    Poet’s note – I’m not sure that this works as an eight line stanza. It might be better as two, four line verses.

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