Writing Assignment – 30th July 2016

Writing Assignment – 30th July 2016

Assignment: Joan met Judy at the pub…

Fill in the backstory. What are they doing? What’s the reason for the meeting? Who are Joan and Judy? Why have they met in a pub? Where is the pub?

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One thought on “Writing Assignment – 30th July 2016

  1. Payback

    Judy swung her Range Rover into the car park and glanced at the clock on the dashboard. She had just over an hour to call into the department store and pick up the luxury scarf she’d had her eye on, before heading across town for her meeting. She pulled into a space and using the rear view mirror, reapplied her lipstick. She ran her fingers through her sleek bob, slid her arm through the handle of her oversized, designer bag and stepped out of her car.

    Across town, Joan was just waking up with another rotten hangover. She snatched up two paracetamol from her bedside table and washed them down with the dregs from a can of energy drink lying nearby. She groaned when she saw the time. If she rushed, she’d have just enough time for a strip wash and a mug of tea before she’d have to leave for the bus.

    Judy sipped on her takeaway coffee as she walked through the make up counters. Usually she’d stop and try out a new colour to add to her collection but there wasn’t time today. She headed straight for the Womenswear, department feeling a tingle of excitement. Her metal tips clacked loudly against the tiled floor as she strode purposefully.

    Joan pulled on a pair of leggings and a top and rooted around in the shoe pile in the corner for a matching pair. She brushed her hair with her fingers, grabbed her handbag and reached for the pile of bus tickets inside. With any luck there would be an old dayticket that she could reuse if she held her finger over the date.

    Judy had picked up the scarf and feeling frivolous, also added the gloves and a smart little clutch. Just before leaving, she had spotted a wonderful brooch so she’d had that too. Since her enforced early retirement she’d been quite bored and these little shopping trips really brightened up her otherwise boring weeks. She was feeling very upbeat and singing along to the radio as she drove to her meeting.

    Joan stepped off the bus and began the short walk up the hill to the pub. The Fox was cheap and cheerful and the clientele minded their own business. Joan came every Friday lunchtime for the all day breakfast, a hair of the dog and the little bit of business she had to see to.

    Judy put her sunglasses on, grabbed her bag and looked around furtively before leaving her car. She felt a familiar pang of anxiety as she pushed open the door of The Fox and made her way to a table in the corner.

    Joan arrived, late, dishevelled and slightly out of breath as usual. She greeted the polished Judy with a broad smile and an “Alright?” and placed her bag between her feet, under the table. Judy sighed. This had been fun the first few times, exciting even but she was beginning to tire of Joan and she hated this pub. If any of her friends from the Club were to see her entering she would struggle to find a suitable excuse.

    “Got the stuff?” Joan asked. It was hard to tell what mood Judy was in today, behind the dark glasses. At first she’d seemed alright for a posh bird but lately she’d been a bit funny. Joan would have pulled her up on it but didn’t want to offend her and lose her steady supply of goods. Free goods at that. Judy never took a penny.

    “I have” replied Judy “and I think you’ll find it’s quite a booty”. She reached under the table, took the items from her handbag and transferred them into Joan’s. “The scarf is rather beautiful and was quite difficult to acquire. The staff were very attentive and barely left me alone long enough to take it.”

    “You do have an eye for lovely things. Yes, very good taste you have” said Joan smiling sycophantic-ally. “I got twenty quid for that belt you brought in last week”. Judy baulked. “Twenty pounds for a Hermes belt? It’s worth ten times that at least.” Joan’s smile faded. Judy’s stuff really was lovely but down at the market people were not prepared to pay. If the goods were ‘hot’ the prices needed to be low in order to shift them quickly.

    Judy rose to leave and a moment of awkwardness passed between the two women. Joan stood, reached into her pocket for a crumpled ten pound note and proffered it. Judy recoiled and shook her head. “No, no, no. There’s no need. Anyway I must dash. Maybe see you here next week”. Joan sat down, embarrassed and watched her leave.

    Back in the safety of her car, Judy felt a rush of relief tinged with excitement. It was the same every week, the rollercoaster of emotions. It gave her a real buzz. Plus she was doing her bit for charity, Joan was clearly in desperate need of the money and Judy felt that this was her payback, her charitable work. She felt happy, even the thought of having to listen to Malcolm bore on about his day on the golf course was tolerable.

    Joan tucked into her food, perplexed. It had been nearly three months and she couldn’t work Judy out. Why not just give her cash if she wanted to be charitable? Why the shoplifting? It made no sense at all. She’d learned not to question her, just take the goods, flog em and pocket the money. This gravy train was bound to run dry eventually so she’d been saving a little nest egg. She’d be back next Friday and maybe Judy would turn up, maybe she wouldn’t. She was a bit of a mystery.

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