Happy Birthday Oldbury Writing Group

By Nicole J. Simms

On Saturday 20th August, we (Oldbury Writing Group) celebrated our second birthday. And to celebrate the event, we invited the public to celebrate with us.

During the celebration, we had music, birthday cake (which we gave away for free), a tombola, food and drink, a birthday card competition (we loved the entries), and a game of Pass the Parcel for the children.

The event allowed members of the Oldbury Writing Group to read out their short stories, and poems. Reading out your work in front of an audience is the scariest thing for any writer, so I’m pleased that we all managed to beat our fears and share our work with everyone. The fact that we all read out our work shows how much being part of the Oldbury Writing Group has helped us all.

Even though we celebrated our birthday on the 20th August, the 22nd is the group’s official birthday. Two years ago today, a group of strangers came together to share their love for writing. Over the years members have come and gone, but still, the group remains as strong as ever.

We have done so much more as a group than many of us had ever expected. We have gone to writing festivals, the theatre, held charity events, gone on group trips to various locations, such as Haden Hill House and The Museum of Cannock Chase. We are working on our first anthology, and we plan to write our own play. Our members have written novels, had stories published, and have embraced new challenges. We have done so much, and we still have so much more to do.

Being part of Oldbury Writing Group has changed our lives. Not only are we a group of writers, but we have also become great friends. Two years ago, I made the right decision when I decided to join this amazing group.

If you’re a fellow writer, and would love to be part of our group, then we meet every Saturday 10 am until 11:30 am (we often run over) at the Oldbury Library.

All there is left to say is happy birthday Oldbury Writing Group, and thank you, Angela, for bringing us together.

Video music from: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scotch_and_Soda/Comfort_Cake/csr048_comfort-cake_slice-1_01_scotch-and-soda_happy-birthday-comfort-stand

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