Writing Assignment – 3rd September 2016

Writing Assignment – 2nd September 2016

Assignment: Write a story or a poem set in a pitch black room. Only mention what your character(s) can hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Comment with your answers below.


6 thoughts on “Writing Assignment – 3rd September 2016

  1. Back to Black

    Coming to, Ray opened his eyes but everything remained black. He blinked a few times, trying to adjust to the darkness but there wasn’t the slightest shadow or leak of light.

    He tried to think about where he was and how he’d got there but his head felt foggy. Shaking it, in an attempt to wake himself up, Ray was rudely alerted to a throbbing pain in the back of his skull. He groaned but it came out muffled and he realised that he was gagged. He could feel rough cotton against his tongue.

    In the darkness his eyes widened in shock and his chest began to rise and fall rapidly as panic set in. He was prostrate but in too much pain to sit up, his whole body throbbed and ached. He lay panting, listening out for any sound that could help him place his whereabouts.

    Heavy footsteps sounded like they were coming from overhead but he couldn’t be sure. He strained his ears and tried to quiet his breathing. He heard the footsteps again and……the scrape of metal?

    In a moment of terrifying clarity, Ray understood where he was. With great effort, he kicked out and his foot hit the lid of his makeshift coffin. A silent scream rose in his throat and his eyes bulged as the first shovel of dirt was thrown onto the ground above him. He passed out.

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      1. Focusing on all the senses instead of just sight is a good exercise and can help to improve your writing. I’m glad you find the writing assignments helpful. All of our members have also found them useful. One of my writing assignment stories even won second place in a competition.

        Have you thought about submitting any of your stories?


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