Play Review: My Big Fat Cow Pat Wedding By Sayan Kent

By Angela L. Garratt

Play Review: My Big Fat Cow Pat Wedding By Sayan Kent
Bally, Angela, Sayan, Andy

On the 5th October, some members of the Oldbury Writing Group went to see a play at the Brass House Community Centre in Smethwick.

At first, I must admit, and I apologise, but I did stereotype. I thought ‘it is a play in a community centre, how good can it be, really?’ I was wrong, and I am glad I was because the play was brilliant. It was called, My Big Fat Cow Pat Wedding, written by Sayan Kent.

With a very talented cast, that played more than one part each, they remembered their lines perfectly, and their performance should have been on the big stage. This play is one I will remember for a very long time, and I am glad I went.

Quick Synopsis: The play was a comedy based on a mixed race wedding between an Asian man (Arjun) and an English woman (Claire).

Claire came from a rural background, her father being a farmer and a single parent; naturally, he is very protective of his daughter.

Arjun came from an Asian background in the city.

There is conflict with the parents as they are both from different cultural backgrounds and they both want what is best for their kids, their families, and the farm.

Though the play had very serious undertones, the play was written as a comedy, and it was performed as one. As a result, they had the audience eating out of their hands, and the applause they received at the end was very much deserved.

The tickets were £5 each, and it was Bally – a group member and a friend ours – that originally told us about the play. The performance was about two hours long, and there was no interim, not that you would have noticed. For an actor to be in character for this length of time shows true talent, and for an actor to do that and keep the audience gripped and in stitches for that length of time shows genius.

When the play was over, we went over to speak to one of the cast members to give them compliments on their performance, and she introduced us to the writer of the play, Sayan.

We told her how much we enjoyed it and she thanked us for coming and supporting them. We told her that our next project as a group is to have a go at writing a play, and she wished us well and agreed to have a photo taken with us.

Although it is wonderful to meet the cast and watching the play had me and everyone else laughing out loud, for me, the highlight of the evening was talking to the writer. As a writer myself, I love meeting other writers and having a general chat with them about what we do.

I admire and greatly respect anyone who can write the way Sayan does. Writing plays is something that I have a lot to learn about, so meeting playwrights is a true pleasure.

If there is just one negative thing that I would say, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the play but the refreshments. The tea was terrible; I could not drink it, so I am glad that I bought a can of pop as well.

I will definitely be looking out for more of Sayan’s plays, and I am interested in what else the Brass House community centre will have on in the future.


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