Writing Goals 2017

Oldbury Writing Group’s main goal is to encourage and support each member. So, because it’s a new year, we thought it would be a brilliant idea for all members to come up with their own writing goals. And hopefully, we can help each other to reach our goals.

Our 2017 Writing Goals

Angela L. Garratt

Angela L. Garratt - O.W.G. Writer

  • Edit and publish next novella – The Desk
  • Publish a collection of poetry and short stories

Nicole J. Simms

Nicole J Simms - O.W.G. Writer

  • Finish editing my novel
  • Start writing my next novel
  • Edit my psychological horror novella
  • Complete and publish my flash fiction collection
  • Edit my current short stories
  • Create a fictional village for my supernatural comedy novella series
  • Edit the first novella in my supernatural comedy series
  • Work on my playwriting skills

Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards - O.W.G Writer

  • Participate in the Oldbury Writing Group, contributing useful information and encouraging and supporting the group and its individual members
  • Become a published writer

Chris Allen

Chris Allen - O.W.G Writer

  • Write more short stories within the horror/sci-fi and supernatural genre
  • Want to pitch a technical help column for some magazines (People’s Friend being one of them)
  • To share my work and get feedback/input from the other Oldbury Writing Group members

Andrew Lines

Andrew Lines - O.W.G. Writer

  • Finish editing my novel
  • Write more poems
  • Compile a book of short stories – flash fictions

Percy Eamus

Percy Eamus - O.W.G. Writer

  • Complete a 30 minute play suitable for BBC Radio 4

Jackie Adams

Jackie Adams- O.W.G Writer

  • To write and publish a poetry collection

You can find out more about our fabulous writers via our ‘The Writers’ page.

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