The PowWow Festival of Writing 2017

By Dave Edwards

On the 7th May 2017, the Oldbury Writing Group attended the sixth annual PowWow Festival of Writing, at The Prince of Wales pub, Moseley.

We spent a thoroughly stimulating, thought-provoking day, in the company of the great and the good of the literary/publishing world, (including, Arifa Akbar, Roz Morris, Jennifer Hewson, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Stewart Home, Sam Mills, Alex Wheatle and last, but most definitely not least, Joanne Harris). We listened to some invaluable advice on the subject of publishing, (taking the first tentative baby steps on the icy literary road!). We also heard about publishing from an agent’s perspective, (Their likes and dislikes, and their general experiences).

Of especial interest to this writer, was the ‘Whatever Happened to the Avant-Garde’ slot, which concentrated on the innovative, boundary-pushing, ground-breaking, anti-mainstream, unconventional area of literature. (The metaphorical two-finger saluters and window-pane shatterers).

The day culminated at the court of Joanne Harris, writer par excellence and a gifted raconteur to boot.

Many thanks to the director of the PowWow Festival of Writing, Charlie Hill, Arts Council England, The management and staff at the Prince of Wales pub, and the charming avian orchestra, (providing birdsong throughout the day).

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