From Sunrise to Sunset Book Tour – A Grand Day Out For a Spy, a Spiv, And a Pair of Land Army Girls

By Andrew Lines

Angela, Nicole, Dave, and Andy took part in the Museum of Cannock Chase’s VE Day Celebration event on Saturday 6th May 2017 to present their World War Two anthology titled From Sunrise to Sunset for inspection.

At the entrance, they were held at gunpoint by a guard, so they bribed him with 20 Woodbine. He searched them and confiscated their weapons before shouting, ‘Enter!’

They were escorted to their hut and forced to pose for mugshots. They were interrogated by a Nazi officer and ordered to read excerpts from their World War Two anthology to anyone who was prepared to listen.

Free drinks were supplied to the four desperate characters, and they were allowed to roam around, inspecting the other attractions, which included vehicles from the 1940s: A B.S.A. motorbike and an American Jeep were among them.

At the end of their detention, they were forced to tell everyone that their book is available to buy from Amazon. They were then released and told to attend Oldbury Library on Saturday mornings from 10 am.

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