Fabrication Made in Oldbury – Our Newspaper Launch

By Chris Allen

On the 3rd October 2017, members of the Oldbury Writing Group attended the opening evening of the Made in Oldbury Exhibition, hosted by curator Brendan Jackson, at the Arts Café in West Bromwich.

At the start of the event, our founder member, Angela Garratt gave a short talk on our writing group and launched our first ever newspaper curated by Brendan Jackson. The newspaper contains a selection of short stories and poems written by members of our group. A great achievement by all of us as a team and I for one am proud to be part of the OWG.

The evening continued with a talk by Brendan Clifford on the artist ‘JMW Turner’, and Turners link to his tour through Dudley and the Black Country. Brendan used a slide show of old photos, and sketches by Turner to help promote the evening’s discussion.

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the ‘Made in Oldbury’ exhibition of old photos and artwork placed on the walls in the Arts Café. Most enjoyable was the cheese and wine provided for the event. I have to admit, some of our members were looking a similar colour to the red wine they were consuming, especially Nicole, who had a constant smile on her face. Was it the wine, or the enjoyment of the night? We’ll never really know.

Read online on the Made in Oldbury website.


Alphabet Soup by Podington Bear

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