Our Talk at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival 2018

By Claire Morrall

On the 27th January, the Oldbury Writing Group was invited to attend the Wolverhampton Literature Festival to talk about the merits of joining a writing group.

Each member was to explain their own, and often personal, reasons for joining the group and read a piece of their own work, be it a short story or piece of poetry.

It’s fair to say, that before our session started, we were all a little nervous. Even the seasoned pros amongst us looked a little wary.

As a few fellow writing enthusiasts, and my ever supportive fella, took their seats and shelter from the rain within Wolverhampton Art Gallery, we started our workshop.

Some members, like Jackie and Julian, chose to read pieces that painted a picture of the Black Country, which went down very well given our venue.

Dave and Nicole performed poems from the groups’ fantastic World War Two anthology, From Sunrise to Sunset.

Bally read a beautiful poem about time whilst Daniel wowed with a fantasy/science fiction piece.

Me? Well, I chose a short story based on one of our groups weekly prompts about a pair of stray pants! You’ll have to join the group to find out more!

Just like a flash, our session was over, and the subsequent applause made all the nerves well worth it. And best of all? We were challenged to a poetry throw down by a fellow writing group!


Corporate Presentation by Scott Holmes

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