Oldbury Writing Group – Christmas 2018

By Nicole J. Simms

On Saturday 22nd December 2018, we celebrated our fifth Christmas together by having a small Christmas party in the library and a Christmas meal at the Court of Requests in Oldbury.

During our Christmas party in the library, we drank some mulled wine (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), ate gingerbread biscuits (I baked them), mince pies and chocolates. We also exchanged cards and gifts. We then read out our Christmas inspired stories and poems, and Dave read out the well-known Christmas poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, which Angela had brought to the meeting. Like with any other meeting, we also had interesting conversations about Christmas, writing and life in general.

After our meeting, we all headed over to the Court of Requests for our Christmas meal. A table decorated with a festive purple tablecloth and cute red and white crackers was prepared for us at the back of the pub. We all took a seat and looked through the menus. Some of us were traditional and ordered meals from the Christmas menu. I had the Christmas veggie burger meal, and others had the stuffed turkey meal. Others were a little rebellious and ordered from the normal menu instead, not wanting to stick to tradition. However, we all individually enjoyed our meals.

While waiting for our meals, we pulled crackers and read out our jokes. Some wore the cracker hats, and others rebelled against wearing them. Well, that was until it was photo taking time, and I, as always, insisted on everyone wearing their hats.

Once our main meals were eaten, we continued reading our Christmas stories and poems. We then chatted away about everything and anything, simply enjoying each other’s company. Only three of us had dessert: me, Heather and Sandra — the others had to go home. Heather and Sandra had the apple crumble, and I had the Melt Mallow Stack. My dessert was delicious, and it is something I plan to recreate.

We all had a wonderful time, and it was the perfect way to end 2018. Our Christmas parties and meals have always made Christmas even more special for me. I’m happy and lucky to be part of such an amazing group, and I hope we have many more Christmases together.

We hope you had a lovely Christmas, and we would like to wish you a Happy New Year.


Christmas Memory by Borrtex


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