Our Day at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival 2019

By Daniel Bagley

On the 2nd of February 2019, the Oldbury Writing Group, or OWG for short, journeyed into the far reaches of Wolverhampton. It’s not often we travel beyond our borders, but a certain place was calling for us. It was the Wolverhampton Literature Festival.

Upon our arrival, we gathered our bearings. It’s nice to know the interior of the Wolverhampton Art Gallery hasn’t changed much since our last visit. Of course, we had a few events lined up, starting with the Real Life Stories, hosted by Louise Palfreyman. Never thought I would stand up and read something in the Black Country dialect, but hey, you live and learn. As for Nicole, she conquered the nerves and showed her quality upon the stage. In return, she received a rapturous applause. There were many other readers, all providing a significant moment in their lives. It’s quite fascinating to hear such vivid stories from different periods of time.

With the event reaching its conclusion, the group made their exit, pleased beyond the meaning of words. A special thank you goes to Louise for offering us the chance to express ourselves, every minute of it was worthwhile.

The afternoon was still in its infancy, and we needed something else to keep us occupied. So what does the group do? We seek out opportunities, hoping to learn more. Thankfully, we stumbled upon an event regarding literary agents, hosted by two accomplished authors, Anna Stephens and G X Todd. They explained the do’s and don’ts of approaching literary agents. It was informative, and we gained inside knowledge. At the end of the session, we asked questions and received the appropriate answers. We even nabbed ourselves a sneaky photo of them.

With the day getting on, I believed it was time for me to take my leave and return home. I have learned a lot from this trip, more so than I initially expected.

I forgot to mention how great Nicole and Tania are with their photography. Top-notch stuff! With trips like these, it’s important to make memories and share them with one another.

As for the other members, they took a short trip to a rather fancy-looking cafe. It was Victorian in design. I do remember Heather telling me about a life writing session with the one and only Louise Palfreyman. It ran for two hours, but the experience was worth it. It gave her the ability to see writing in a more reflective manner.

Now, the best part is yet to come, even though I wasn’t there to witness it. Angela, our chief-in-command, stayed behind until the sky went pitch black. There was something else, an event that is synonymous with real life, and a topic of great interest and debate. It was titled ‘Poets Against Racism’, co-hosted by other poets of ethnic backgrounds. No matter who you are, we are all human beings, and as equals, we should be treated as such. I do believe this is a message it was trying to portray, and what better way to do it than through the power of words.

Speaking of words, I have babbled on long enough, so allow me to wrap up this eventful day out with a nice pink ribbon. Don’t worry, WolvesLitFest 2020, we aim to come back, with a bang!


The Beginning or the End by Nicholas Mackin

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