Azure Dream

By Daniel Bagley

Azure Dream by Daniel Bagley
Flower drawn by Daniel Bagley

My dearest mother, it is here that I stand by the riverbank, reminiscing the days of our time together.

As the sun descends beneath the mountains, I began to raise my head, staring into the midnight sky. The stars above glittering like rich diamonds, casting a spell of unparalleled beauty.

With eyes closed, I continue to flood myself with the memories of my mother, watching as her visage lying ever so softly on the ground. A final, bitter attempt to shatter my already fractured heart. Such is the twisted hand of fate.

For hours, I remained unmoved, refusing to believe all that has happened. Why? I ask. Why did life claim the one person I cherished so much? Was her time up? This, I cannot seem to answer.

As the wind swept through the valleys and beyond, it brought along a stream of azure-like flowers, marking its grand entrance. My attention was swayed, mystified by its timely presence.


I answered, with tears slowly trickling down my gentle cheeks.

Without a doubt, I could feel the warm voice of my once-living parent, urging me to live my life without regret, to rid myself of the darkness that has latched onto me.

As the gust began to settle, the flowers gave birth to many petals, dotting the river with their majesty. A final goodbye, for what I can see.

With eyes and mind opened, I could feel the weight of burden finally lifting. My dearest mother, your last request will not go unnoticed, for I promise we will meet again… soon. But for now, I will honour the memories you have left behind, from now and forever.

The End

©Daniel Bagley 2018

Hunting for The Bogeyman

By Nicole J. Simms

Hunting for The Bogeyman by Nicole J Simms

Ever since Tommy had told Sammy about the Bogeyman, Sammy wanted to catch him. So every night Sammy would climb down from his bed and lie on the floor in wait for the Bogeyman.

After seven days, and no sign of the Bogeyman, Sammy decided to stop hunting.

That night while snuggled in his bed, Sammy felt someone shaking him. He opened his eyes and shrieked. A black skeletal figure loomed over him.

‘What are you doing?’ asked the figure.

‘Wh-Wh-What?’ Sammy gripped his quilt.

The figure sighed. ‘This is my spot. You need to get back on the floor.’

The End

©Nicole J. Simms 2015