Writing Assignment – 15th December 2018

Writing Assignment – 15th December 2018

Assignment: Write a story of no more than 1,000 words and include the following words: train, igloo, amulet, Harry, soul music, snow and tornado.


Writing Assignment – 1st December 2018

Writing Assignment – 1st December 2018

Assignment: Write a story and include the character described below.

Character details:

  • Male
  • 65
  • His name is Shaun Drinkwater
  • 5 foot 9 inches tall
  • He is thin and lean
  • His favourite item of clothing is a floral scarf.
  • He is bald, has a round face and grey eyes.
  • He doesn’t look his age.
  • He treasures a cap that belonged to his friend who passed away seven years ago.
  • He lives in a mansion.
  • His two other prize possessions are his valuable wristwatch (he’s a watch collector) and brother’s baby bracelet, which is engraved and silver. The brother has passed away.
  • His hobby is playing video games.
  • He is a widower.
  • J. M. W. Turner is his favourite artist.