“I am a graphic designer who lives in the Oldbury catchment area. I started writing young persons’ novels in 2010, but because I write in isolation, I was in need of feedback on the literary world I was creating. I discovered Oldbury Writing Group in January 2019 and have since become an enthusiastic member, looking forward to our weekly meetings. Right from the first session I was welcomed and encouraged to read excerpts from my books, which have been well-received, giving me the confidence and reassurance I needed to push on.

Oldbury Writing Group was formed in 2014 by writer and poet, Angela Garratt, whose vision was to provide an outlet for others who might share her own passion for the written word. The group has gone from strength to strength with a core of long-standing members who have a wealth of talent and writing ability. They have become firm friends as well as fellow writers, and their mastery of the written word never ceases to amaze and helps inspire each other.

The group meets at Oldbury Library on Saturday mornings, and exists to allow local, like-minded people with an interest in creative writing to come together to share their passion, and to help, offer support and encourage each other. Members have varied backgrounds, ages and ethnicities, and each has differing aspirations for their writing, from merely pursuing a therapeutic hobby to seeking a publisher.

The range of writing covered by our members is wide, encompassing poetry to prose, and from short stories to novels. Genres are equally diverse, from Children’s to Adult, covering sci-fi, historical, detective, romance, comedy and much, much more.

Meetings are always fun, lively and colourful occasions, accompanied by a refreshing cup of tea or coffee and the occasional biscuit or donut. New members continue to join and are welcomed with open arms.”

Paul Cobb
Group Member

“I’ve been writing for a number of years now and found I needed some support from other writers. I write mainly for a hobby and enjoyment, although I wouldn’t mind earning a living from it eventually. I discovered the group in a writing magazine and popped along to see what it was all about. That was over 2 years ago. We have members who write in many different genres and are always able to offer advice to anyone who wants help.

The group has helped me grow in confidence as a writer. Since I’ve been a member with them, I have also developed an interest in free verse poetry, something I had never ever attempted before. You just never know where being a writer and part of a writing group will take you.”

Chris Allen
Group Member

“I have been an avid reader for many years and decided I should like to write the books I wanted to read. It was on the usual Chistmas food shopping trip in 2019 I happened to see the Writing Magazine for sale and bought it thinking that it might help.

Well it did. There was an article inside about Angela Garratts Saturday morning writing group at Oldbury library.
Come the New Year and along I went. The best move I ever made.

Greeted by about fifteen or twenty like minded people and although nervous, I was made to feel at home straight away. I’ve always been a sucker for a good cup of tea.

The subject matter of the writers is diverse, science fiction, life stories, crime, poetry, young adult, fantasy and the talent is there in abundance. On my first reading ( a bit scary) my story began to come to life in front of others for the first time.

What great support and advice everyone gives. If you are a local and an aspiring writer, miss this group at your peril.

We’re all writers, writing, learning and getting inspiration from each other.”

Andy Hodgson
Group Member